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Published on 12/4/2018
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A nervous disorder characterized by a state of excessive uneasiness and apprehension, typically with compulsive behavior or panic attacks.



Anxiety affects quite a significant amount of Americans. There exist clinical anxiety issues like social anxiety, PTSD, and OCD, and additionally common types of anxiety, such as sleepless nights, tight due dates and fear of heights.

Numerous Americans with anxiety disorders are prescribed Benzodiazepines (Benzos,) similar to Xanax, Klonopin, and Valium, yet these medications are exceptionally addictive and influence individuals to feel calm and fluffy.

Benzos are a standout amongst the most prescribed pharmaceuticals. Anti-Anxiety medicines have numerous symptoms: psychological shortages, sleeplessness, hypersensitive responses, weakness of driving, diminishing pulse, despondency, loss of coordination, and expanded danger of falling in the elderly.

Unlike benzos, CBD has barely any reactions, but then aids patients with all the typical side effects of anxiety, such as psychedelic thoughts, sleepless nights, and trouble being around individuals.

All things considered, aside from everyday anxiety, that the vast majority of us endure, anxiety is an exceptionally complicated issue, which can be, very incapacitating and crippling to many. Anxiety disorders influence 18% of adultss in the United States in any given year, with a lifetime predominance of 29% of all Americans.

The important thing to realize about anxiety is that you are not alone. And CBD oil can make sure you are well prepared to take on your anxiety.

But what does CBD do for anxiety? Let’s take a look at how CBD oil benefits anxiety...

  • If you’re thinking that you’re about to go mad or lose control, CBD oil helps to calm you down, and reduce irritability.
  • Taking CBD oil for anxiety eliminates thoughts that things are slowing down or speeding up. No more tricks on your brain!
  • If you’re feeling detached from your environment and the people in it, hemp CBD oil works to reduce social anxiety so that you feel more involved.
  • Cannabidiol also prevents you from always feeling alert to everything and constantly on edge. You will maintain an optimal mood that prevents psychological symptoms such as these.
  • With CBD oil, you won’t feel like people are always looking at you and observing how anxious you are. You’ll be at your normal, cheerful self in no time!
  • Hemp CBD oil reduces tension in your muscle and soothes gastrointestinal stress and indigestion.
  • If you’re feeling like wanting to run away from something, cannabidiol calms down your nerves. You’ll find the perfect balance between hyperactivity and lethargy.
  • No more thinking that you might die or that you will suffer a heart attack, you’re sick, you feel like fainting or you have a tumor in your brain.
  • CBD promotes a normal pain response in the body, reducing anxiety associated with inflammation and pain.

Look at This Image

CBD interfaces with the body’s own, natural endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS is available in about each cell in the body and manages a large number of our bodies’ capacities, including Appetite, Memory, Sleep, Mood and Perception of Pain.

Stress recuperation is one of the endocannabinoid system’s primary purposes.

CBD likewise communicates with a neurotransmitter called GABA (gamma-aminobutyric corrosive). GABA transfers messages from one brain cell, or neuron, to another; that message usually is “Back off” or “stop pushing.” GABA advises the body when it’s a great opportunity to shut down, and since a huge number of neurons in the cerebrum react to GABA, the impacts include lessening anxiety, quieting the sensory system, assisting with rest, unwinding the muscles.

Sure, I could tell you more about the benefits of CBD for anxiety, but what does science have to say about this? Does CBD really help with anxiety?

A randomized double-blind study found patients suffering from generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) experienced improvements in their symptoms. The study showed participants consuming CBD oil reported a considerable drop in anxiety levels. The researchers also confirmed these reports by scanning the brains of participants and discovering cerebral blood flow patterns consistent with anti-anxiety effects.

In another study, participants received CBD oil before facing a simulated public speaking test. Afterward, participants reported experiencing less anxiety, which was then confirmed by indicators such as heart rate and blood pressure. The study confirmed CBD oil can significantly reduce cognitive impairment, diminish anxiety, and made speech more comfortable. This happened by reducing an alert in anticipatory speech and diminishing discomfort in speech performance.



A study from 2016 revealed that CBD oil can reduce symptoms of PTSD and anxiety-provoked sleep disorder in a child that has suffered trauma. The study also showed that CBD reduces anxiety and improves sleep quality.

Another 2015 analysis concluded that CBD oil has shown promising signs in treating several forms of anxiety, including social anxiety disorder, PTSD, generalized anxiety disorder, OCD, and panic disorder.

Some Spanish studies go as far as saying that CBD oil enhances 5-HT1A transmission, and may even affect serotonin levels faster than big pharma drugs. They noted that...

“The fast onset of antidepressant action of CBD and the simultaneous anxiolytic effect would solve some of the main limitations of current antidepressant therapies.”

Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD) is the condition where a person is nervous or uncomfortable in certain social settings. Getting sweaty palms, finding it dificult to make eye contact and fearing public speaking are usually symptoms of SAD. This irrational fear of being among other/new people can make a person avoid all social contact because others may judge them.

It is believed that cannabinoids such as CBD and THC have the ability to interact with specific receptors located in your amygdala. A region in your brain responsible for our fight-or-flight response. CBD then works to make that part of the brain less excitable, reducing your response to anxiety, depression and stress.

CBD is also thought to have an effect on serotonin, which is a neurotransmitter that deals with anxiety, depression, mood, sleep and memory. This property makes CBD an interesting choice in treating anxiety-induced insomnia. CBD acts on serotonin receptors in the same way as anti-depressants and anxiety medications, but without the harmful side effects!

Cannabidiol (CBD) is safe and well tolerated by your body, and can help with panic disorder, social phobia, PTSD, generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), OCD and depression.


Some people who haven’t tried hemp CBD oil are wondering whether CBD causes anxiety. The short answer is NO, CBD does not cause anxiety. This is because cannabidiol does not contain the mind-altering cannabinoid THC - the one in marijuana that gets people high.

Actually, CBD works to reduce the intoxication caused by THC and decreases anxiety. Taking hemp CBD oil to manage anxiety is one of the most common reasons people buy CBD oil. Thus, cannabidiol works to balance out certain brain chemicals to prevent side effects such as irritability, insomnia, fatigue, dizziness, or nausea.

As mentioned before, CBD oil can considerably reduce anxiety and related symptoms, including cognitive impairment, trouble in speech delivery, and problems with anticipatory speech.


CBD Dosage for Anxiety

Of course, most people are now wondering about the correct CBD dosage for anxiety. How much CBD oil should you take for anxiety? First of all, let’s make one thing clear: there’s no perfect CBD dosage for anxiety. I can’t tell you with a 100% accuracy to take this much CBD and your negative thoughts will go away.

Since hemp CBD oil supplements are not meant (according to the FDA) to prevent, treat or cure specific diseases, it is considered a dietary supplement. This is why sometimes you will see the term serving size instead of dosage.

We all have a specific body chemistry and we’re uniquely wired to interact differently with different substances. This is precisely why there’s no definitive answer about how much CBD oil drops to take each day. While there’s no exact CBD oil dosage for anxiety, people are still wondering how many mg of CBD oil to take for anxiety.

Usually, a good starting dose is 1ml per day, but you need to experiment to find the CBD dosage that suits your body. Try taking 3 CBD oil drops in the morning and 3 more during the afternoon, followed by 3 more drops in the evening. Alternatively, you can try Vaping CBD or CBD gummies...


Get anxiety relief within minutes, feel more relaxed, and stop constantly worrying about problems. Of course, more research is needed to evaluate the long-term effects of CBD for anxiety and its full effectiveness as an anti-anxiety treatment. However, so far, CBD has shown great potential in treating anxiety-related disorders.

So, can CBD help anxiety? Well, if you want to experience fewer symptoms such as increased heart rate, increased muscle tension, hyperventilation, difficulty in breathing, palpitations, tinglings in the hands or feet, dizziness, hot flushes, headaches, dry mouth, choking sensations, and shaking, then you should start considering taking CBD oil for anxiety.

Contrary to popular antidepressants, CBD oil is non-habit forming, nor does it have the side effects of anti-anxiety drugs. CBD is 100% natural, non-psychoactive, while the worst thing you can expect by using it is a dry mouth.


Choosing the best CBD oil shouldn’t be too difficult because hemp CBD oil products naturally offer benefits for anxiety disorders. Probably the most important thing to consider is to make sure that you’re buying a pure CBD oil that contains no THC.

CBD oil is currently regarded as one of the best treatments for anxiety but it also helps with depression. The best CBD oil should have no side effects, and has less than 0.3 (CTFO 0.2) percent THC, it won’t harm your health in any way.

To make sure you’re getting the best CBD oil for anxiety, look for a cannabidiol supplement that’s made in the USA from lawfully grown hemp. Hemp-based CBD is 100% legal in all 50 states, but the fact that the hemp is US-grown certifies that the product puts an emphasis on quality.

Check if the hemp CBD oil offers a money back guarantee. Usually, there’s no reason for a CBD supplement not to deliver on its promises, but if you try it and the results are not to your liking, it may not be genuine CBD, and it’s reassuring to know that you can get a refund.

It’s also good when a product does not use any GMOs, pesticides, toxins, preservatives or other unnatural stuff.


At CTFO our CBD is...

1) Hydrophilic (meaning truly water soluble) - Nano Technology CBD Oil is NOT water soluble. The CBD molecule is "chopped" this reduces the potency or efficacy of the CBD.
2) Full Spectrum CBD NON-GMO, PESTICIDE FREE, CO2 Extracted Hemp Oil using only organic ingredients.
3) Undergoes Third Party Lab Testing and provides Product Certificates along with Gas Chromatography Tests, Certificates of Analysis, Potency Tests and Antimicrobial Tests.
4) Manufactured in the USA in a registered GMP facility (Good Manufacturing Practices) this ensures the same quality in each and every batch.

There you have it! These are the factors to consider if you’re trying to buy the best CBD oil to reduce anxiety. If you’re consumed by anxiety and the problems you’re experiencing and you don’t want to take big pharma antidepressants because of their side effects, then CBD oil seems to be the best natural, safe, and effective solution out there for you.

Are you tired of bone aches, dizziness, palpitations, stiff muscles, constant tension, and shooting pains? Want to say goodbye to anxiety symptoms such as restlessness, feeling on the edge, trouble focusing, restlessness and irritability? Here are some of the best CBD oil products for anxiety.






These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. CTFO assumes no responsibility for the improper use of and self-diagnosis and/or treatment using these products. Our products should not be confused with prescription medicine and they should not be used as a substitute for medically supervised therapy. If you suspect you suffer from clinical deficiencies, consult a licensed, qualified medical doctor. You must be at least 18 years old to visit our website and make product purchases. We do not make any health claims about our products at CTFO. Before taking our products, it’s wise to check with your physician or medical doctor. It is especially important for people who are: pregnant, chronically ill, elderly, under 18, taking prescription or over the counter medicines. None of the information on our website is intended to be an enticement to purchase and may not be construed as medical advice or instruction. The use of any of our products for any reason, other than to increase general health and wellness, is neither, implied nor advocated by CTFO.











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