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Monthly Maintenance Creates High Attrition Rate in MLM
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If you have been involved with any Network Marketing business for a period of time, you would have realized that maintaining the monthly recurring or re-order process can be rather challenging for most beginners especially when they are there in the first place trying to generate money for their financial situation.

Almost everyone who joins a Network Marketing business do not usually have a group of customers or doer helping them to leveraging their effort in the beginning phase because they NEED TIME to build their structure. When these duration stretches from 1 to 3 months, they will feel the "tension" or stress of paying their monthly recurring or re-order to maintain their commission or ranking. This financial requirement starts to becomes their mitigating factor to justify whether they will continue doing their business. IMHO, many distributors gave up just for this one reason alone thus contributing to the high attrition rate in the industry. So sad but its true!

Do you have such an experience before? Would you like to consider getting involve with a business that has the potential of any MLM or Network Marketing businesses BUT has the followings:

1. It's 100% FREE to Join
2. Monthly Commitments for Qualification of Ranking and Commission is Optional
3. The Status starts fair and square from the 1st of every month. Everyone starts from ZERO
4. Online and Offline Recruitment is allowed
5. Several Ways of Making Money with the System
6. Lowest Investment possible for a Global Business (For Serious Business Seekers)
7. Fun and Entertainment are incorporated into your business

With the conditions above, its no surprise that SFI/TripleClicks has about 2.3 million affiliates spanning 200+ countries today. Grab your 100% FREE and International eCommerce Business Opportunity so that you can work from the comfort of your home.

As I am actively working the business, I will provide you full support if you are Active in there too. Looking forward to connecting with you from the inside!

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