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George Pierce   My Press Releases

Not Getting Clicks? (Part Two)

Published on 9/10/2018
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Not Getting Clicks?
(Part Two)

An Original IBO Press Release by George Pierce.
need at raise work from home
Image: Pixabay  Software PrintMaster   How to get visitors to take action-part two.

Not Getting Clicks?

I know a lot about not getting clicks! 

Wouldn't it be nice to get visitors to take action? 

I know about conversion rates that began at zero and stayed there for way too long. Through trial and error (mostly error-grin), I learned how to turn this around.  If your visitors are not taking action, the following will turn things around for you.   Over the past 15+ years, I have discovered a few secrets about getting clicks, getting folks to take action, and I will be revealing them in this IBO post.  


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Part One:

Part one covers the creation of attention-grabbing and action encouraging images.

These images can help you with squeeze pages, ads, banners, sliders, and more.   In part two, we are going to cover some of the simple strategies and tricks that will help you to get those needed clickthroughs.

Click Here to visit part one.

First, let's take care of a few loose ends. 

Continuing from part one, we have a couple of loose ends to take of first.  #1 is to finish why aspiring Internet Marketers only seem to get half of the story and #2 is to analyze the statement: "If traffic, clicks, and/or sales are weak or non-existent, part two is exactly what you have been looking for..." 

#1:  Are You Only Getting Half The Story?

In many cases, you are!??  What I mean is that you and I work hard to learn this Internet Marketing stuff and what we often receive is the 'physical' side, but not the 'how's and why's' that make it work. 

Why does much of what we learn about Internet Marketing not seem to work?

Let's compare your IM skills with serving a fine meal at a five-star restaurant.

You may have been given all the ingredients for a fabulous five-course meal and instructed how to prepare everything, but that is only half of the story.  You still need to learn how to make appealing food presentations, how to serve each course, in what order and when, as well as how to please your customer, and ultimately get them to want to return. 

You may have heard the expression, "Don't sell the steak, sell the SIZZLE!".  Consider that part one has taught us how to cook the steak and part two is going to help us learn how to add the SIZZLE.

#2:  "If traffic, clicks, and/or sales are weak or non-existent, part two is exactly what you have been looking for..."   This simple sentence from part one contains the basis for almost all of our Internet endeavors!...and it's the nucleus of part two, which is:


Identify the need, desire, or problem(s)...using the above sentence as an example, the problem had been identified as no traffic, no click-throughs, or no sales. 

Solve the problem.  Once you identify the problem, then you provide the solution.  On the Internet, our SOLVE (solution) usually involves a 'clickthrough' to our sales page, squeeze page or affiliate's sales page. 

want more family time work from home
An image does NOT have to say click can use words such as read more...learn to entice your visitors to read on or click below.


Keep in mind that your visitor is probably on your web page for a reason and that reason is based on a need, desire, or problem.  It is so important that we IDENTIFY as soon as important...why?...our visitor or reader (who is always in a hurry) needs to know that they are in the 'right place' and, better yet, by identifying their problem, they immediately FEEL that they have found a site that can relate to them and that they can relate to.  There is a psychological bond or benefit or connection that is realized, which is a plus for both you and your visitor. 


Solve or provide a solution is often what your call to action should include.  What most aspiring Internet Marketers may not know is that your 'solve and identify' needs to be the backbone of your sales pages, headlines/ subheadlines, squeeze pages, emails, calls to action, etc. 

A headline/subheadline, for example, would have the headline identifying the problem and the subheadline enticing your visitor to read on for information regarding the solution.

I hope that you see the need for Solve-Identify.  Your benefit will solve your problems such as high bounce rates and low conversions. 

There is MORE!

I am not going to get into what is called Niche Marketing' which could easily fill an eBook, but I want to stress that you need to know your audience.   I do not consider that I am an expert, but I believe that I have a good idea as to how my Internet Marketer visitors feel and think.  Knowing how your visitors feel and think will help you to better relate to them. 

Relating to our visitors!

Your product or service (or affiliate's) has features and benefits.  When we sell the SIZZLE, we are going to focus on emotions, sometimes one or more of the five senses, and the benefit beyond the benefit. 

Benefit beyond the benefit? 

Examples are:

Do not focus on the money, rather focus on what the money will do such as pay off debt, travel, etc. 
Do not focus on the weight loss, focus on the benefits of the lost weight such as more energy, no longer feeling tired, more fun, more joy, breath again, etc. 

Emotions and five senses.

Use YOUR imagination to get your visitors to use their imagination to feel the breeze in their hair as jog their way back to good health, to feel the relief as they get caught up on their bills, to smell the popcorn and feel and taste that cool drink while watching their new TV, etc. 

Implementing and honing this skill and having the benefit of images to help us tell our story has enormous potential. 

hand up stop animated cop


This IBO Press Release is being interrupted!  Take a short break and enjoy.

Image result for work at home jokes

Rob does not have to drive too much or fight traffic since he is now working from home.
His last trip to the market reminded him just how much he loves that 10-second commute.

Rob and Flo, Rob's wife were driving and she had just begun the drive to the market when they hit a skunk.  The skunk was injured.  Skunk or not, Rob jumped out of the car, ran to the skunk, picked it up, and rushed back into the car. 

"It's hurt, Flo.  We need to go straight to the vet," said Rob.  "The poor thing s shivering from fright.  What shall I do?" 

Instead of insisting that Rob had to get the skunk out of the car, Flo said, "Hold it in your arms to keep it safe and warm."

"What about the stink?  replied Rob.

"Keep your arms down." answered Flo as they headed to the vet.

Image result for work at home jokes

There's a saying that "Hard work never killed anyone."
On the other hand, why take that chance?

Jack is learning how to work online.  He accidentally lost his job.  Actually, Jack did not lose his job, he was fired, but the circumstance was due to an accident. 

Jack had bought a stress ball on his way to work.  Work was getting on his nerves, so when he read 'relieves stress', he grabbed it and headed straight to work. 

He had never had a stress ball before and had not read the directions. At work, when Jack got stressed, he reaches for the stress ball.  That was good. 

What happened next was not so good.  Jack threw the ball at the cause of his stress. 

The object of Jack's stress was his boss.  His boss got a shiner.  Jack got a pink slip. 

Image result for work at home jokes

More Help with RELATING to your visitor:

The above pyramid (courtesy of Wikipedia) is Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. 

self-actualization ~the realization or fulfillment of one's talents and potentialities, especially considered as a drive or need present in everyone.

esteem ~respect and admiration, typically for a person.

Love/belonging ~the need for love and belonging includes the range of intimacy between/among people and encompasses caring, compassion, empathy, a sense of having a place in the world, being part of a community, feeling accepted and approved of versus rejection and disapproval, attention, and affection.

safety ~the condition of being protected from or unlikely to cause danger, risk, or injury.
"they should leave for their own safety"

psychological needs ~a need for autonomy, competence, and relatedness. Cross-cultural research has shown that need satisfaction is necessary for all people's healthy development, engagement, motivation, and well-being

The above are the NEEDS which you and I want to 'relate to'.  These needs are often coupled with emotion  In other words, dig in, when relating to your visitor. 

work at home
              add life to your life
Image:  Max Pixel -Creative Commons, Software is Paint, Identify -Solve 

If your visitors have to lose weight, you have now discovered how to open many new ways to relate.  In other words, some of the emotions that your overweight visitor may be feeling are disgust, disappointment or anger as well as embarrassment or depression.  Their needs according to Maslow can involve all five areas.  You cannot address all these at once, but you can now create hundreds of pages and images and calls to action that can address these emotions (and Keywords) one at a time, and very effectively since they have a much better chance of visitor engagement and/or visitor action.

A few examples:

Got the weight loss blues?  The simple cure is revealed!
Are you too embarrassed to go to the beach?  Discover an easy solution you never knew about.
Are you disgusted with your website sales?  Learn three steps for a flood of buyers. 

Image:  Max Pixel -Creative Commons, Software is Paint, Identify -Solve 


The above image and the above strategy can and should be used for a headline, subheadline, squeeze page, landing page, ad, etc. 

The occasional use of an image helps you to more effectively grab attention and to better tell your story.

The bottom line is that you can get your visitors to take action, you can get conversions.  You can begin now.   You will get better and better as you learn what works and what does not.  I am still learning and testing daily and so can you. 

My call to action:

The preceding is an example of the kind of instruction and training that you will soon find at Internet Marketer Training. 

Soon?  The site is brand new, two of my home pages are now complete, but the training center is still under construction.  Internet Marketer Training is my newest online adventure, a website that is all about helping you to learn Internet Marketing and learn it right. 

Be on the Internet and starve.  Learn Internet Marketing and Prosper! ~ George Pierce

If you are considering working from home, Internet Marketing may be for you.
If you are an IBO and are online or are going online, consider Internet Marketing in order to get online results.

If you are an aspiring Internet Marketer, I congratulate you and I am rooting for you.  As you probably already know, there is much to learn.  Internet Marketer Training is free and just what you've been looking for.

If you are an exasperated, disgusted, or disappointed Internet Marketer, with dismal results, it is time to get the other half of the story at Internet Marketer Training Center.  Only $499 to join...just kidding.  What you will discover is priceless but your cost is zero.  I am simply giving back and you can benefit.

Click Here to visit Internet Marketer Training.  

Thank you, my friends, for reading.  I wish you much success.

PS.  I have put together a collection of 'Resources' that are helpful and/or useful to a new IM and mainly free.  There are certainly many superb IM resources (free or low cost) that I am not aware of.  If you have any recommendations or suggestions, I appreciate it, thank you.

relax while
                you work from home
Image: Pixabay  Software Printmaster

Internet Marketer Training is new, under construction, and accidentally online (as you saw in part one).  Two of the main websites are complete, the training center is not. 

The good news is that the Training Section, Library, and Affiliate Marketing Section are open.  Other sections will be completed soon.  Affiliate Marketing is considered by most experts to be the best way to enter Internet Marketing, so I began with training in this are of Internet Marketing.

There is much to do and a few things to redo, but the new site is open and you can begin affiliate marketing training.

I invite you to visit.  The affiliate marketing will certainly keep you busy and get you off to a super start.  I cannot legally make any promises as to your results, but I am sharing what I do and have done for quite a few years.  What I am sharing works.  In addition, you will find, as I have found, that each area of Internet Marketing can be broken down into a process...a step by step process that is relatively simple and easy.  Once learned, these processes can be duplicated over and over again!

The affiliate marketing training is based on my 48-hour affiliate marketing plan.  It is a two-day plan.   In just 48 hours, you will know enough to make money online!
If you are willing to learn, willing to focus, and not afraid of work, then do not be afraid to check out Internet Marketer Training and Internet Marketing Made Easy.


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