It seems like these sunny days are here to stay!

While here in ORGANO we don’t complain about the summer weather, we know that extreme heat can cause our energy to drop. Today, we bring some ideas on how to keep our energy to its optimum levels to continue to enjoy this summer season.

Kickstart your day with all the benefits of a balanced meal contained in an OGX Nutritional Shake. Just blend this delicious mix with your favorite fruits and some low-fat milk to create the perfect breakfast smoothie with the necessary protein levels to support your muscles during a workout.


5-minute Pink Lemonade Strawberry Bowl:

1 stick FENIX DX™

1 scoop OGX Vanilla Shake

1 banana

6 strawberries

2 tbsp. Greek yogurt

½ cup almond milk

 Blend all ingredients, pour in a bowl, and garnish with some granola.

Once you’re energized to workout, gear yourself up with the right equipment. Wear the proper dri-fit clothing to stay comfortable during any exercise and keep your skin protected from the sun with Taste the Gold stylish ball cap.

Apart from wearing the adequate activewear, you don’t need any extra equipment to start your workout routine. There are many exercises you can do at home that require nothing more than your body weight. The most popular are push-ups that can always be modified to challenge your fitness levels, and mountain climbers, that combine cardio and strength and benefit your core and lower body muscles.

If you found your perfect place to exercise outdoors, a simple but efficient piece of equipment is the OGX Exercise Band. You can take it absolutely everywhere, be it the beach or the mountain, and it gives you endless workout possibilities to strengthen almost every muscle in your body.


If you’re looking to add an extra boost of energy to your day, FENIX XT™ is your mango-peach.flavored energy drink to go. Just by drinking it 30-40 minutes before exercising, you’ll discover its performance-enhancing properties that will help you endure any full routine.

And, to help your body to get rid of toxins, find the aid it needs in FENIX DX™. This pink lemonade detox beverage acts at a cellular level to protect you against external pollutants accumulated in your body due to an imbalanced diet and stress.


How to quickly turn FENIX XT™ and FENIX DX™ into the perfect summer beverages?

FENIX DX™ Raspberry Frozen Lemonade

– 6 oz. water

– 1 stick FENIX DX™

– ¼ cup lemon-lime soda

– ½ cup raspberry

– 5 ice cubes

– Fresh mint leaves to taste

Mix all the ingredients in the blender for 20 seconds.

Non-Alcoholic Fenix XT Sangría

– 1 stick FENIX XT™

– 1 cup non-alcoholic white wine

– ¼  cup blueberries

– ¼  cup orange juice

– ¼ cup lime juice

– ½  oranges

– ½ banana

– ½ peach

– 3-4 ice cubes

Mix in a container the non-alcoholic wine, the orange and lime juices, and the blueberries. Let sit while you prepare the rest of the recipe.

Chop the oranges, the limes, the bananas and the peaches into small dices. Add this plus ice into the liquid and stir.

Carry your summer beverages in this convenient, modern-looking DX XT Spin tumbler and Taste The Gold.

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